Harriet lnglis

Very much a Londoner, Harriet was born in Westminster in the mid-seventies, and brought up in Clapham. Devastatingly, her father died when she was just 11 so she moved, with her mother and brother, to a small flat in Chelsea next to Foxtrot Oscar (a legendary restaurant that was owned by Michael Proudlock and Rex Leyland where Harriet went on to work for many years).
Having completed a few shifts at Foxtrot Oscar, Harriet got the restaurant ÕbugÕ and went to Bournemouth University to read Hospitality Management. However, she dropped out early when Foxtrot Oscar offered her a job as restaurant manager. Harriet stayed in the restaurant industry until her mother died of cancer at the age of 48, when Harriet was only 22.
Harriet moved on from Foxtrots to have a memorable stint working with Michael Whitehall (hilarious father of Jack), agent to some amazing actors such as the late, great, Richard Griffiths, before she transitioned into restaurant PR and worked with the brilliant Elizabeth Crompton-Batt on clients such as Nobu, Hakkasan and Mr Chow. Harriet stayed in the PR industry until she and her husband Robert had the first of their four daughters in 2003.
Harriet has always been a stay-at-home mother but always worked from home. Firstly, she catered for friends and created mouth-watering brownies for local cafes, before realising that with her little black book and never-ending energy, she could become a virtual concierge/pa to anyone who needed assistance in getting organised, particularly those who were bewildered by technology! This was the most rewarding job of all and gave Harriet the idea of becoming a homestay host. She started having overseas students, mostly from Japan, to stay during the school holidays to learn English. One of these students brought her a warming face mask and from that moment the idea for Spacemasks started to germinate. Having suffered from depression, panic attacks and anxiety in her 20Õs, Harriet instantly understood the potential for a calming warm eye mask to bring respite from screens and online stress.
Harriet decided on the space theme to emphasise the escape from earthly worries and so created the brand Spacemasks. She spent many months trying to find a supplier with the right environmental credentials to make the product, and ultimately needed someone who could give the eye mask a subtle fragrance without requiring a high initial order. This took some considerable time, but Harriet eventually secured a relatively small minimum order and the first batch sold out in less than a month! The rest, as they say, is history. Spacemasks has gone from strength to strength since leaving the launch pad in May 2017, making thousands of people much happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Harriet has received hundreds of messages telling her that Spacemasks help those undergoing medical treatment, those who find it hard to sleep, those with headaches and migraines, and those who simply want to take some time out from their hectic lifestyles.

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