A little help from my friends…

As a mummy I have many things to think about.

Between the worries about the food that will have to throw out this week either because the children have decided that they don’t want the meals they never usually complain about but suddenly don’t like any more and 3am night sweats caused by something my over active imagination has chosen to make me panic about. But something I often think of as a parent is now much more cool stuff there is for new parents now than there was when I was having my babies.

This is where the idea for Slobberscarves & Friends came from. As much as I would love to keep on having babies & keep on trying out all these new things that is not really practical on any level. Despite my last baby now being seven I have no intention of staying out of the baby loop. I am not ashamed to admit that when l see something that I know I would have loved as a mummy I get excited!! I know that if it’s something that would have made my life easier then it’s something I want to shout about!

Motherhood is confusing & it can be very overwhelming. Hormones & sickness are bad enough but throw into that not having a bloody clue what you actually need to help make your day to day life with a baby easier, it’s very easy just to try to get it all and you definitely don’t need it all. So here is where I come in. Through the many ups & downs that motherhood has thrown at me I have learnt a lot.

Five pregnancies, five births, five hospital stays, five trips home with a newborn. Each are very different & with each one I thought I had it all worked out & each time I thought I knew exactly what I was in for. How wrong was I?

I don’t get asked for advice a lot but what I do get is the assumption that I know how to tackle everything that babies & parenting throws at me. Believe me, I don’t so I thought I’d better find some friends to help me out!

The following pages are introductions to some of those people who I am delighted to call my friends and who collectively can offer you all kinds things from advice to pretty things!